Cris Services UK Ltd

Cris Services UK Ltd

Cris Services UK Ltd (CSUL) is a haulage firm based in KingsCross, London. We transport and distribute wet cement-mix within the M25-London orbital area. My name is Chris Ndibe, I am the FORS Practitioner and fuel champion. During January to December 2017, CSUL achieved great results by improving its vehicle miles per gallon (MPG) usage by almost 0.1%.

FORS accreditation is our top priority – a contractual requirement. Through FORS, we have achieved best practice processes and secured lucrative contracts.

CSUL failed the first bronze audit – we needed much more evidential information. We were able to make amends and became successful by the second audit.

Once Bronze accredited, our main customer (Hanson UK) marked CSUL as their preferred distributor in our local plant – we were encouraged to make progress to the Silver status. This meant maintaining up-to-date management, operational, driver and vehicle records.

“Being FORS accredited has enabled us win more contracts”, Cris Calina, MD.

CSUL has benefited from FORS, as above; we enjoy lower labour turnover, increased staff morale and lower driver infringements. We focus on eLearning and practical workshops offered by FORS. I, Chris Ndibe, have completed the FORS practitioner workshops and will continue to seek more training as opportunities arise. Practical workshops make it possible for CSUL employees to network with other firms’ employees.

Chris Ndibe – “Thanks to FORS, we have now acquired more trucks for the new business contract recently awarded”.

To remain as Hanson UK’s preferred distributor of choice, we have progressed to the ultimate Gold status.

Performance data –



MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
Jan-Dec 2016 2.92 9 12
Jan- Dec 2117 3.20 12 14
Percentage improvement 0.095% -0.3% -0.16%


*Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

  • CSUL provides Healthcare questionnaires to drivers for yearly assessment purposes. We support drivers based on medical advice received. We encourage drivers to seek early financial-medical assistance.
  • CSUL is registered with the Education Business Partnership Group scheme. We train students, from Barnet & Southgate College, who aspire to become young drivers. We currently have two young drivers training to become professional drivers.
  • Through driver training, our drivers appreciate the essence of reduced engine-idling, harsh acceleration / braking and gear-change management. We invest in the latest hybrid euro VI engines with start-stop technology, white noise equipment utilised while reversing and an electric motor that rolls the mixer-drum while the engine is switched-off.
  • CSUL currently utilises one electric Heavy Goods Vehicle for research purposes, with the intension to purchase more in the near future. Our other Euro VI engine-HGVs are equipped to utilise sustainable fuels that ensure lower carbon footprints. Our PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines can be driven on Gas-To-Liquid (GTL: up to 5% CO2 savings) and Hydro-treated-Vegetable-Oil (HVO: up to 80% CO2 savings). These fuels enable long service intervals of up to 200,000 kilometres.

Our plans now and for the future include continuous and increased monitoring and improvements in fuel management through ongoing revision of driver training and vehicle fleet updates, to include lower wind resistance bodies and lowered driver cabs, to name a few. We will continue to invest in alternatively fuelled vehicles and driver utilisation processes. These plans would ensure that CSUL remains a prosperous going concern.

It would mean a lot to Cris Services UK Ltd to maintain its Gold standard status:-

Our clients would continue to appreciate our efforts in maintaining high levels of compliance.

It serves as confirmation that our transport management systems are up-to-date, aligned with CLOCS Standards and usable for key performance indicators.

We can continue to reduce our costs, reduce risks and increase savings.

We stay greener by seeking better ways to improve fuel usage and recycling methods.

We positively promote the FORS ideology, leading by example.

Our records look good to stakeholders (Corporate Social Responsibility).



Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.