Frank Redman and Sons is a family business started in 1932. We are based in and around Bedfordshire working predominantly for Tarmac and Breedon supplying asphalt and aggregates to customer sites and plants around the south east.

We were first made aware of FORS through the Tarmac Audit process and joined by necessity. However it soon became obvious that there were many benefits to be had for us and other road users from the ongoing training that was available.

The first time doing the audit was a little daunting but Frank Redman and Sons passed the bronze first time and this gave us the encouragement to progress through Silver and Gold.

Being FORS Bronze gave us access to the elearning and driver CPC training which allows our drivers to progress their training. All our drivers have completed the safe urban driving course and said they now have a better understanding of what it is like to be a cyclist in traffic. With the work that Tarmac are involved in teaching cyclist what it is like for the HGV drivers and about blind spots this will have a positive effect to road safety. Drivers are also continuing their training with the FORS tool box talks and MPQC skills course.

“Safety is a major part of our business today and our work towards FORS Gold has help to keep improving our awareness.” – Martin Redman, Partner

We are continuing to invest in safety systems on our vehicles with side under run bars, left turn audible alarms, side sensors and 360 degree cameras.

Continued investment in euro 6 vehicles means that we have the latest engine technology leading to lower admissions and improved fuel economy. This along with the eLearning and driver training has resulted in a significant saving for the business and the environment.

“Making use of the latest technology is good for our business and the environment.” – Martin Redman, Partner

We use the FORS Fuel tracker to monitor fuel usage, mileage, company CO2, NOX and Particulate matter and this allows us to easily see how we are doing.

Martin Redman continues working towards the FORS Practitioner status which has helped the business improve in all areas. Constant reviews and updating of risk assessments, safe systems of work and training are essential to keep at the forefront of an ever changing industry and achieving FORS Gold shows our commitment to move our business forward.

Through upgrading the fleet and driver training we continued to improve our mpg.


Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Number of PCNs

Jan-Dec 2015

5.85 0


Jan-Dec 2016

6.21 0


Percentage improvement 6% 0%

Driver health is very important to us and all drivers have to complete an annual health survey and six monthly eye test.

Frank Redman and sons has stated its interest in helping Tarmac with the apprenticeship scheme that they are setting up to bring new drivers into the industry.

Due to the nature of our business, delivering asphalt from the plant to sites and road works we are limited to the type of transport we can use. However we are the last part of a process that involves the materials being moved by road, rail or sea to reach its point of use.

Our future plan is to keep making improvements in all aspects of the business, upgrading the fleet, driver training ect.

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