Baxle London. Bulking up on quality and efficiency

Baxle London. Bulking up on quality and efficiency

Baxle Limited are a bulk haulage business based in Canning Town, London. They offer a broad range of HGV services which demand high standards of safety and efficiency. Formed in 2011, Baxle have grown year-on-year and now operate a fleet of over 30 trailers and units.

FORS membership is a crucial part of the Baxle offer. Sustaining their considerable fleet and managing drivers to a specific standard ensures their vehicles are on the road and working safely for the benefit of staff, customers and the environment.

‘We will continuously use what FORS has taught us to help reduce our carbonfootprint and make the roads safer for everyone that uses them”

Roy Flower, Baxle ltd. Director

The team at Baxle take compliance and safety very seriously. They achieved their Bronze, Silver and Gold Accreditations at the first attempt. FORS helped by providing training and tools to improve policies and procedures.

Baxle Ltd first became aware of the importance of FORS standards when tendering for work across London. They soon began to assess the requirements and benefits of joining the scheme. It was clear that the FORS method was a perfect fit with Baxle’s ethos of improving safety whilst complementing their drive to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

High standards of driver safety and competence

All drivers at Baxle have completed the Safe Urban Driving course and FORS E-Learning modules – this includes Paul Knowles, Baxle’s hands-on Managing Director. Baxle have also invested heavily in vehicle safety systems including cameras, nearside proximity sensors and audible alarms for all vehicles.

Every driver at Baxle is required to complete a comprehensive annual Medical Declaration, even though the FORS Standard states once every five years. The Drivers Handbook stipulates that if at any point the driver should start suffering from a medical condition, they must notify the company immediately. This includes use of prescribed or over-the-counter medication. The management team will investigate to ensure that the driver is safe to work, a letter from their GP may also be requested. Continual assessments are made to ensure that the driver isn’t a risk to the company or to anyone else using the public highway.

Recruitment and mentoring young drivers

Baxle operate a recruitment policy aimed to encourage the progress of younger drivers into the transport industry. The majority of Baxle’s new drivers arrive via recommendation from staff or other respected contacts, this is a valued contribution to the recruitment process. All of Baxle’s drivers are trained to a specific standard before they can represent the company on-site and on the road. If a new driver has yet to complete the relevant training, Baxle support them on their journey through the required certification process.

‘FORS has helped us achieve compliance and improved safety.’

Paul Knowles, Baxle ltd. Director

Operating from a central location

Baxle have one operators yard in Canning Town, London. The site is used for parking all of their lorries, tipping trailers and vehicles they have for sale. Loading and unloading is done at the customer’s supplied location only. Baxle are considerable neighbours, the vehicles are only running at idle in order to carry out defect checks. All trucks have white noise reversing alarms fitted.

Breadth of Baxle’s bulk haulage service

Baxle carry heavy equipment to and from construction sites across the whole of the UK – the fleet can move anything from a digger to a crane. In addition Baxle transport waste soil, aggregates, scrap metals, grain and other bulk loads. The daily workload is always varied and usually time-critical, using a lorry is the only cost-effective way to transport many of the unusual loads required by their customers.

Euro 6 and beyond

Baxle Ltd have a long-term goal of replacing all lorries with Euro 6 engines when they are up for replacement. The fleet currently comprises nine Euro-6 emissions spec units. By the end of 2020, it is expected that 44% of the fleet will be capable of operating in the ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) and clean air zones (CAZ).

The team at Baxle are closely monitoring the progress and technology of electric and other alternative fuel vehicles. Baxle trucks have heavy load weight requirements, use specialised equipment and are required to tackle challenging terrain. These operating constrains mean there are currently no alternative options that are up to the task.

Reaping benefits of FORS accreditation at Baxle

Gaining FORS Gold Accreditation shows how dedicated Baxle are to improving road safety and the safety of all vulnerable road users across the UK. They have made significant savings by reducing fuel usage and improving MPG. The company is proud to have reduced accident rates from their baseline year. This success has resulted in a welcome reduction in insurance premiums.