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John Jempson & Son Ltd

John Jempson & Son Ltd has been operating out of Rye, East Sussex since 1866. We distribute approximately 80 – 28 tonne loads of plasterboard every day for our principle client, British Gypsum. A large quantity of these loads are delivered into London and the surrounding areas. Compliance Manager Pete Verlander explains how Jempsons have achieved massive reductions in the numbers of London Lorry Control Scheme infringements and Moving Traffic Offences through FORS.

Originally it was British Gypsum who suggested that if we were to carry on delivering their products into London building sites, we would not only need to be FORS Registered, but we would need to progress through to Gold. Four of the latest additions to our fleet. The Company passed the initial Bronze audit first time round. Research showed us what we’d need to do to progress through, so we set about it.

We knew that to reach Silver we would have to employ a more formal system of Driver Licence checking, so we employed a company to do this for us. We also knew we would have to up-spec our fleet, not majorly, but a few improvements would be needed. We also realised that all our Drivers would need to attend On-Cycle Vulnerable Road User training, so we started a program to get all the Drivers trained.

‘Our FORS membership has also assisted us to develop, implement and maintain a system of people development.’ – Mark Chamberlain, Managing Director of Jempsons

FORS Practitioner Workshops have, I feel, equipped me to carry out the requirements of FORS adequately. The Drivers too feel they have learned something from the eLearning modules they have attended and feel better about Vulnerable Road Users.

‘Through Driver training and development and bonus incentives, as well as Traffic Office personnel training, we have seen a massive reduction in the number of Moving Traffic Offences acquired by our Drivers’. – Mark Chamberlain

 The decision to progress through to Gold was largely customer driven. Many of the building sites we deliver to, initially in London, were asking for higher and higher standards, and the only way to meet those standards was to “go for Gold”!

The details below demonstrate the improvements that have been achieved in both our instances of London Lorry Control Scheme violations and the acquisition of Moving Traffic Offences.



LLCS Charges

Moving Traffic Offences

Jan-Dec 2016

2 27

Jan-Dec 2017



Percentage improvement 100%


Annual improvement in LLCS Charges and Moving Traffic Offences over 6594914 Kms

  • The company has introduced a comprehensive Driver Health & Fitness review. Drivers are now interviewed during briefing at the start of the day and debriefing, both during and at the end of the day. During these interviews, Drivers fill in questionnaires about their health, and sign a statement to say they are fit to work
  • Jempsons have a procedure in place which maintains a supply of Drivers to our pool. We take on low-skilled workers and employ them in the warehouse as curtain-pullers Weighbridge Operatives and loader’s assistants, then, once they have proved their worth, we train them as Lorry Drivers and they join the rest of our Drivers. We then recruit new low-skilled workers to replace them and  follow them on their recruitment path. We find the system works perfectly
  • We are constantly aware of the noise generated by our Drivers as they go about their business. To that end, we carry out Toolbox Talks on the subject and carry out noise assessments, the findings of which we publish on notice boards and ask Drivers to try to reduce the noise they produce. The entire fleet is fitted with white noise reversing beepers, and Proximity Controlled Left Turn Warning Alarms, so that they only sound when there is someone or something in the area. Using only Euro V and Euro VI trucks ensures that the latest standards of exhaust noise is adhered to, the new trucks will of course all be Euro VI.
  • Ever aware of the need to try new technology and new systems of work, the Directors and Senior Managers of Jempsons have looked long and hard at possible ways of utilising alternative methods of distributing British Gypsum’s products. This review considered alternative fuel sources, different modes of transport (boat, train etc.), but in the end it has been decided, that only diesel-engined 44 tonne gvw road-going Lorries are able to transport these loads of plasterboard from the factory in Robertsbridge where they are made, to the many and various building sites and merchants we deliver to on a daily basis – but watch this space!

What’s in the future for John Jempson & Son Ltd? Impossible to say at this time, but what we do know is that as technology offers viable alternative fuel and vehicle types, new safety features, new systems of work which make the job safer, better, quicker, cleaner, quieter and cheaper – we will embrace it. Our latest vehicles all have Euro VI engines, and all the new ones will be latest spec too and will have every safety feature available. We will continue to spread the word among our peers about the benefits of FORS. Driver health will continue to feature very highly among our concerns, and our program of people development will continue to grow.

Becoming accredited as a Gold FORS member is a real string to our bow. We know that we can hold our own on any tender we go for and that our Drivers and fleet are as good if not better than any other operators. We are proud to be the best!’

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