KCM Haulage – Year 2 Gold

KCM Haulage – Year 2 Gold

KCM Haulage Limited is a franchised contractor for Tarmac based in Hayes in  Middlesex that has been established for over 11 years. The company delivers concrete to sites across London and the South East. Director Ken Murphy explains how FORS has helped secure his business as an owner operator.

I first heard about FORS through both Tarmac and other owner operators I work with. I was told about the benefits of being an accredited member of the scheme and it soon became a requirement for every owner operator working on the tarmac contract to join and become accredited.

KCM Haulage had its first bronze audit 4 years ago and passed first time. As a well organised and compliant company I decided to apply for silver accreditation and then, in November 2017 I was proud to have achieved Gold accreditation, which gave the business a higher status as a safe, professional Haulier.

Once becoming an accredited member of the scheme, I utilised all the training tools and useful information on offer through FORS. I update and maintain detailed information regarding the operation, which have proved necessary to generate performance indicators. I have been successful in adjusting transport management systems in order to meet FORS accreditation requirements.

“Implementing Fors systems via management tools and e-learning has helped the company meet the high standards expected in the industry.”

FORS workshops e- learning have been a useful learning curve to me, improving my knowledge of road safety and awareness of environmental impact. Above all FORS has encouraged me to be an efficient operator and has developed my knowledge in road safety and the environment.

“Gold accreditation has added value to the business and has given KCM Haulage a higher status as a safe and reputable operator.”



Fuel Usage

Co2 Emissions

Number of PCNs

May 2016- July 2017

16338 42.38 0

Oct 2017 – Sep 2018

14252 37.06


Percentage improvement 12.76% 12.75%

My fuel usage has reduced by 12.76% and Co2 emissions are also down by 12.75% in the last year due to more localised work and the arrival of the new euro 6 vehicle. KCM Haulage Limited is proud to have a 0% incident record and due to careful route planning and strict scheduled delivery times. The company has not accumulated  any moving fines or parking charges.

I will continue with both FORS and Tarmac to improve, be advised take recommendations and continue to utilise all training material available through FORS. Investing in a new euro 6 vehicle has cut Co2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency. The vehicle is also fitted with the latest 4 way camera systems to minimise blind spots, making it easier to spot vulnerable road users as safety has always been, and will continue to be the highest priority for KCM Haulage Limited.

  • I have annual health checks with my GP to ensure fitness to drive. I also complete a health declaration for Tarmac.
  • As an owner operator I have no requirement to recruit drivers.
  • I work in accordance with strict delivery times and routes set by Tarmac. I have also had a noise reduction mixer drum fitted to the new vehicle.
  • Shifting modes of transport is not a viable option and technology has not developed enough for alternatively fuelled vehicles in the type of work I do. However, with the newer euro 6 vehicle, fuel consumption has improved and Co2 emissions reduced.

KCM Haulage Limited is a proud Gold member of the FORS scheme that continues to evolve and support its operators in setting higher standards in the road transport industry. Gaining Gold accreditation has added value and raised the status of the business. Going forward I will continue to embrace the benefits of FORS to develop my knowledge in improving road safety standards and protecting the environment.