Connect Scaffolding Ltd – Gold: Safer, easier, quicker … Better Connected!

Connect Scaffolding Ltd – Gold: Safer, easier, quicker … Better Connected!

Connect Scaffolding is a specialist access contractor operating across London, South East, Cambridge and East Midlands. We design, supply, hire, erect, alter and dismantle Layher Allround system and tube and fitting scaffolding, construction hoists and cantilevered loading platforms to our clients.

We have expertise across a wide range of industries including construction, rail, airports, events, restoration of historic buildings and licenced ancillary asbestos works.

We came across FORS when tendering for work across London. After looking into the requirements and obvious company benefits of joining the scheme, it was clear how the standard would help us to progress and promote not just road safety but the safety of all vulnerable road users. The standard also complements our drive to improve fuel efficiency helping us to achieve best practice.

In 2014 we passed our Bronze audit first time which encouraged us to not just maintain the standards we had in place, but to further develop them, soon after in 2015 we achieved FORS Silver. In the pursuit of excellence and the continual improvement of Connect’s drivers and fleet, FORS Gold became the next logical step in 2016. FORS is now a key part of our management processes, where possible we take an active role in promoting the value of the FORS standard with our customers and throughout our supply chain.

“Over the last 5 years Connect have been actively improving the standard of safety across our logistic fleet which has traditionally received less scrutiny than site-based scaffolding operations.” –  Vaughan Caiger, Logistics Director.

Once we were Bronze, we really made the most of the benefits on offer. All our drivers have a training plan which includes the driver CPC modules for Safe Urban Driving, VanSmart, Operators Licencing and other modules. We make the most of having full access to the wide range of FORS e-learning modules, online toolkits and toolbox talks. This has raised our driver’s awareness of the risks involved and the needs of vulnerable road users.

The key benefit from FORS has been the importance of improving our fleet, driver visibility and working conditions for our drivers via the use of visual aids.

We are very aware of the danger that a blind-spot can cause, therefore we ensure that appropriate visual aids and audible alerts are used as much as possible in order to minimise if not eliminate front, side and rear blind spots.

“We ensure that all our drivers recognise and understand the importance of the use of indirect vision systems as an integral part of their job.” – Vaughan Caiger, Logistics Director.

 Number of Hybrids Fleet CO2 (t)  Average MPG  PCNs
 Jan – Dec 2017  2  552.66  22.72  8
 Jan – Dec 2018  6  486.04  25.59  7
 Percentage improvement  200%  12.05%  30.2%  12.5%

*There has been an annual increase in hybrid vehicles which we feel has contributed to the reduction in fuel and CO2, increasing our average MPG. With continued efforts we hope to drive this forward further in 2019.

We implement a mandatory occupational health medical assessment for all our drivers whether HGV or Van. Drivers also undergo six-monthly eye tests, drivers must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres.

Great care is taken to recruit personnel with appropriate background education, qualifications, training, skills and experience for their envisaged role. When possible, we try to promote vacancies from within, this gives current employees an opportunity for progression. This also acts as a motivator for staff, showing they can grow and develop within Connect. When recruiting we look for experience and consideration of vulnerable road users and company values. As an Investor in People company, the training and development of our employees, is well resourced and an integral part of the company’s organisational activity. Training and development is seen as an investment in the future success of the business and essential for the delivery of a quality service.

As a company we must ensure that risk from exposure to noise is either eliminated at source or, reduced to as low a level as is reasonably practicable as outlined in our Management of Noise Procedure. Environmental risks from our works are considered for all our safe systems of work and are covered in our site-specific Risk and Method Statements and Point of Work Risk Assessments.

Hybrid electric options are sourced as company vehicles for the management teams, in January 2019 additional recharging ports were installed at our offices to accommodate the increased use of hybrids. Options are reviewed with our director and ideas are sourced from various fleet / road safety events such as Fleet in the City and the Commercial Vehicle Show. These efforts all contribute to the reduction in fuel consumption and help to reduce the carbon foot print of the company and the creation of Greenhouse gases.

“Maintaining our FORS Gold membership demonstrates how dedicated we are as a company to improving safety for our employees and vulnerable road users, giving our customers confidence in knowing they are getting a driver and vehicle of a high standard.” – Vaughan Caiger, Logistics Director

We will continuously use what FORS has taught us to improve our quality and safety standards, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and associated emissions whilst making the roads safer for everyone that uses them.

The effective management of our supply chain is an integral part of our commitment to ensure a consistent high quality and safe level of service.

Our preferred supplier list is very much influenced by the accreditations that suppliers have, our supply chain pre-qualification questionnaire has a section specifically dedicated to logistics, transport and FORS.

Our FORS Gold Certificate is displayed in the reception area of our offices for staff and visitors to see, the FORS logo is displayed on fleet, printed on our company headed paper and features on our company email signature, by having our accreditation logos displayed here we can ensure that any correspondence sent out to current or potential customers promotes our accreditation to FORS.

“Our continual drive for improvement resulted in us receiving the RoSPA Fleet Safety Gold Award 2018, FORS and CLOCS were very much the key areas of focus in our submission.”- Vaughan Caiger, Logistics Director.

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