Dessye Haulage Ltd– Road to Gold

Dessye Haulage Ltd– Road to Gold

Dessye Haulage Ltd is a sub-contract haulier for Tarmac, the company was incorporated in 2016 by Dessye Molalegn. They transport concrete delivering to various construction sites all over the London region. Director and driver Dessye Molalegn continually observes the FORS standard when reviewing and making decisions for the business. FORS has helped the company become a more compliant operator helping to be safety conscientious.

We first heard about FORS through Tarmac. We looked at the benefits of joining the scheme and we saw that these were standards that we wished to adopt of improving the safety for both our vehicles and drivers. The information and tools provided enabled us to produce documents and prepare effectively for annual audits.

We take compliance and safety very seriously, so when we achieved our Bronze accreditation first time, it showed we were definitely benefiting from being part of FORS. After the initial audit, we had to review some of the practices we used to ensure there was more detail, this was around driver training and collating information better.   During the following audits there was a lot of experience gained, allowing me to keep the good practices we were already doing as well as allowing the company to use better systems to ensure a better operation of work.

As an accredited FORS company it has one of the many things it has helped us with is our helped us with our fuel management and it made sense to move on to the next steps for Silver. We have utilised the FORS online e-learning modules which in turn has helped enhance our development plans. We passed the Silver audit the first time. Once Silver was achieved, going for Gold was the next stage.

 ‘Safety is one of the core values at Dessye Haulage Ltd.’- DESSYE GETU MOLALEGN (Director)

Once we were Bronze we decided that we would progress to Silver and then Gold because of the proven benefits to our company, in particular our emissions and fuel management.

 ‘Since implementing FORS into our company I feel it is invaluable to us moving forward as a business.’ – DESSYE GETU MOLALEGN (Director)

The main reason for progression was that we wanted to demonstrate to Tarmac and their customers that we are capable of meeting the challenges ahead. It is important that we continue to improve the operations of the business and by doing this we are in a better position to benefit from more contracts and continued expansion in the future.



Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Number of PCNs


76.96 0 0
Jan18-Dec18 74.84 0


Percentage improvement

2.8% 0%


** Slight improvement in fuel figures, figures taken from Silver 8/17-08/18 whilst still achieving Nil pcns or incidents.

At Dessye haulage ltd we have actively put measures in place to minimise the risk of incidents as a result of underlying health problems. The drivers complete a driver health questionnaire form, which they sign annually.

If we recruit it would bew by word of mouth and recommendations, as a sub contract haulier with Tarmac, all new drivers must complete the buddy scheme, where they are placed with an experienced driver to make sure they are actively trained in all aspects of works for ready mix concrete deliveries, before taking a vehicle out on their own.

We actively try to reduce any noise pollution our vehicles may make, we always make sure vehicles are switched off if standing in traffic, try to keep all noise to a minimum when loading and unloading.

We have researched alternative transport modes to include electric powered vehicles, when vehicles are bought to the market that enables us to use them for our workload, we will definitely look into the possibility, and in the meantime we use a low entry cab Euro 6 vehicle.

FORS has enabled the company to run more efficiently and aid me to improve my skills. Going forward for the future Dessye Haulage ltd would use the advances in technology with the vehicle and the aid of FORS to help drivers in their daily tasks.

Dessye haulage ltd is a proud silver member of FORS that will continue to evolve in setting higher standards within our business within the road transport industry. Obtaining our Gold accreditation will continue to add value and raise the status of the business.

At the present time we are not using Social Media as our work is directly franchised with Tarmac, so we do not have the need to advertise our company for work, but feel in the future it is something we will look to using to show our achievements as a company.