JP Sweeney Haulage – 12 Months as a Gold Member

JP Sweeney Haulage – 12 Months as a Gold Member

JP Sweeney Haulage is a franchised contractor for Tarmac and is based in London. Established since 2001 the company delivers concrete to sites across London and the South East. James Sweeney explains how FORS has helped him secure his business as an Owner Operator and his review of the last 12 months as a gold member.

I first heard about FORS from Tarmac and all the excellent benefits that the scheme provides. Tarmac encouraged its Contracted Hauliers to achieve Bronze accreditation and then ultimately Gold.  I set myself challenges to get Silver and then 12 months ago I achieved Gold.  I am a sole operator but since achieving Gold especially over the last 12 months I feel part of a bigger network and not so much a sole operator.  I am constantly speaking to other contracted haulier operators about the benefits of going the extra distance and achieving Gold accreditation. 

Since I achieved Gold, my turnover has increased as some construction sites only require Gold accredited hauliers to deliver concrete to their sites. Since achieving Gold accreditation, I am a better driver and more aware of other road users, especially cyclists.  I have had zero incidents over the last 12 months.  I am move aware of the environment now and have achieved more mpg over the last 12 months.  I took delivery of a new Euro 6 truck earlier this year as well as achieving Gold accreditation; this makes me feel proud to be a Haulier.

JP Sweeney Haulage had its first bronze audit 4 years ago and passed first time. I applied for Silver and found the process was relatively straightforward and made use of the FORS helpline and found them very helpful.  As a result of going from Bronze to Silver to Gold, I am a more efficient and compliant company with very high standards.  I take safety very seriously and have consideration for vulnerable road users. Achieving Gold and especially over the last 12 months I am more conscious about mpg and best practice and safety standards and operational efficiency through monitoring of data.

Since I gained Gold accreditation 12 months ago, I have made the most of the excellent benefits that are available to me, in particular the performance management tool which has enabled me to generate performance indicators and to make improvements where necessary. I enjoy the online training and all the useful information that the FORS website provides.

‘E-learning and the use of the management tools on the FORS website has enabled the company to achieve high standards.’

Expanding my knowledge with the help of the e-learning modules has been particularly beneficial to me especially around the issue of road safety and cyclist safety in particular. In the last 12 months I have attended a classroom course on Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention and found this course very useful and informative. I am more aware now of fuel emissions and protecting the environment.

‘Expanding my knowledge through e-learning and classroom courses has helped me develop my safety awareness and knowledge further.’

The main reason for progressing from Bonze to Silver and then Silver to Gold was to take advantage of all the excellent benefits that FORS have to offer through e-learning, assistance to measure, monitor and improve overall company performance and by raising my company profile. Achieving Gold accreditation has enabled JP Sweeney Haulage to develop further. I took delivery of a new Euro 6 truck earlier this year and as a result and through best practice, I am achieving more mpg.  My company turnover has improved due to achieving Gold accreditation.




Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Number of PCNs

Nov 2017 – Oct 2018

4.0 0 0

Jan 2017 – Dec 2017

3.6 0


Percentage improvement 11.1%

The companies mpg has improved by 11.1% in the last year. JP Sweeney Haulage took delivery of a new Euro 6 in January 2018. JP Sweeney Haulage has 0% incident record and has not received any parking charges or fines.

I will continue with FORS and Tarmac and learn and improve and take direction.  I will continue to utilise all training material available to me through FORS and Tarmac.  I took delivery of a new Euro 6 truck earlier this year and this has enabled me to improve on fuel efficiency and the overall profit of the business. I already see improvements in mpg and turnover.

Gaining Gold accreditation is a real achievement and I know that my company is operating to the highest standards and although I am a sole operator, I don’t feel isolated and feel very much part of a large network. Going forward I will continue to develop my knowledge further through e-learning modules and workshops available to me through FORS. I am keen to develop my knowledge further to make our roads a safer place.