Middlebrook Transport, Gold is the standard

Middlebrook Transport, Gold is the standard

Middlebrook Transport Ltd is a  family run business, specialising in steel and hazardous loads. We are based in Alfreton, Derbyshire and supply steel stockholders and construction sites with large fabricated steel beams as well as other construction materials. Rick Bromley explains how the Middlebrook Transport has used the FORS standards to improve fleet efficiency, particularly with regards to reduced empty running. It really feels like we are playing our part in decreasing the overall impact of transport operations on the environment.

We have been members of the FORS accreditation scheme for many years, and have transitioned through the system, and attained Gold status last January.

Auditing is now a familiar process, we are audited several times a year, Through the FORS systems, being audited is a far less daunting process, once the correct systems are in place, following a defined and written process has enabled us to keep better track of all the necessary measures and keep better control of vehicles, safety systems and training.

Once we fully implemented the systems involved in the FORS standards we found a-learning and performance management were of great benefit, by highlighting certain areas we were able to monitor damage and streamline the fleet usage, as well as improve load efficiency and implement driver training for established drivers.

John Redshaw, Garage Manager, “using R2C te/ematics has enabled Middlebrook Transport to change how we control repairs, servicing and compliance. Pictures sent of defects and issues mean parts can be ordered immediately and repairs done efficiently, meaning vehicle downtime is reduced.”

FORS e-learning workshops have helped our staff appreciate the issues of operating in cities such as London, a greater emphasis on training has helped reduce PCN’s and Infringements.

“PCN’s have continued to decline over the past year, the overall reduction in PCN’s traffic infringements has been a great achievement for Middlebrook Transport,” said Andrew Garside, QHSE Manager

The benefits of FORS accreditation have been obvious in a different level of work, higher customer engagement, it has led to an increase of applicants for positions, with some candidates quoting our Gold status as a positive reason for looking to Join Middlebrook Transport.

Quantify your improvements:

  • This is representation of the MPG and Incident figures.
 MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms   Number of PCNs
 Oct 2016 – Oct 2017  9.1  0.51  9
 Oct 2017 – Oct 2018  8.99  0.48  6
 Percentage improvement  -1%  4%  30%

*Annual change in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

  • This year saw the fleet move from 50% to 75% utilisation, we have employed a specialist backload planner, as a result our empty running has declined by 25%, this has led to a slight decline in MPG, but overall an improvement in fleet utilisation.
  • Driver health and fitness review – We monitor drivers health and fitness, we are proactive in ensuring drivers comply with not only legislation, but industry best practice All drivers have to complete an annual medical declaration, and we have access to councillors should a member of staff witness any unforeseen distressing events.
  • Middlebrook Transport have a very high profile in the Derbyshire area, we recruit by reputation and also take on, as well as train young staff, who we put through our entire training program, from Car to Artie, Steel to Chemicals.
  • Noise assessment – We are very aware of our environmental impact, particularly noise, The company started at the edge of a residential street close to the centre of Alfreton, but have now relocated to a dedicated commercial site, over a mile from the nearest This has reduced the noise impact on our operation, and with the vast majority of our loading sites in industrial areas, this has seen a reduction in noise impact to neighbours, we also are aware of the impact on our own staff and have and do conduct noise studies in the workshop area.
  • At Middlebrook Transport we follow the latest innovations closely, Modal shift is limited due to the nature of our primary business, however alternate fuels is an area we are very interested in, we have quoted for electric charging points on our Alfreton site, and in regular contact with a local innovation company regarding Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles, which have the capability of delivering the performance required from our industry and customers.

Our plans for the future are to continue to invest in the latest vehicles, training and technology to ensure we comply with the forthcoming standards around our industry and working environment. We are converting to euro VI vehicle spec, and have a fleet balance of 90% Euro VI, as well as the camera requirements for the next generation of safer vehicles. At Middlebrook we believe it’s not just about complying, it’s about staying ahead of the game.

As a leading transport provider, achieving FORS Gold would be a demonstration of how embracing the standards can lead to recognition of excellence. It would be recognition of the hard work, effort and dedication that all our staff continue to put into this process, and the rewards Middlebrook Transport and its staff are beginning to reap.

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