Wilson James CLC – Raising Standards

Wilson James CLC – Raising Standards

Wilson James is a leading security, logistics and business services provider with more than 3,000 employees across the UK. We deliver bespoke solutions that enable clients to focus on achieving their core business objectives. 

Located next to Heathrow Airport, the Colnbrook Logistics Centre (CLC) provides fully integrated logistics services in support of Heathrow’s ongoing construction activities, while maintaining the integrity of the airport operation.  It is essential that we carry out our duties to the highest possible standards whilst also committing to reducing any negative environmental impacts, and FORS has played a significant role in helping us achieve that target.

As FORS became an integral part of the airport’s development logistics programme in 2014, we quickly realised that FORS standards compliment a range of processes that our business could benefit from. Our initial application prompted the review and immediate improvement to a number of our policies and daily procedures through the implementation of FORS standards.

We passed the initial assessment and became Bronze accredited in 2014. FORS enabled us to demonstrate our strong commitment to safety, which contributed to our success in being awarded the Heathrow Logistic Integration (HLI) contract. We have since developed Fulcrum, an online delivery and inventory management system which underpins our CLC operation.  Fulcrum has subsequently been recognised as a platform for promoting the values and benefits of FORS, allowing us to achieve FORS Champion status in 2016.

‘Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.’ – Brian Tracy, Motivational Public Speaker.

We have integrated various FORS approved practical training courses, as well as e-learning, into our driver training programme. Our lorry drivers have benefitted from Work Related Roads Risk and Safe Urban Driving training, which counts towards their CPC renewal. Other drivers have attended vulnerable road users’ awareness training courses including Van Smart.

We also take advantage of the toolkit available on the FORS website, which allows us to collect and analyse our fuel consumption and emissions data. Toolbox Talks, briefing materials and leaflets available on FORS website also help us promote safety, efficiency and environmental culture amongst our drivers.

Our vehicles have been upgraded with the latest technology to include left turning audible alerts and reversing cameras to provide the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle, aiding vehicle manoeuvring and improved safety for vulnerable road users.

‘If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath when you count your money.’ – Dr. Guy McPherson, American Scientist, the University of Arizona.

All of the above contributed to helping us meet the required standard and obtain FORS Silver accreditation in January 2016, followed by FORS Gold in March 2017. As an accredited FORS company we have access to, and have made the most of, the performance management toolkit and the various training aids available through FORS. All our drivers have registered with FORS for access to e-learning to improve their skills, knowledge and attitude towards driving and most importantly, we managed to reduce our impact upon the environment.


CO2 output (tonnes)

Fuel used (litters)

Traffic Incidents and Collisions

Jan-Dec 2016

116.39 43,957 4

Jan-Dec 2017

83.57 31,563


Percentage improvement 28.2% 28.2%


*Annual improvement in CO2 output per 100,000 Kms

  • Driver health and fitness review – all our drivers complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire and are required to undergo a comprehensive fitness and health check (medical) at the start of their employment, and every 3 years thereafter or more frequent, depending on their medical report. The driver medical includes vision, hearing, urine and blood pressure test. It also takes into consideration any medical condition the driver may have that could affect their wellbeing or performance and the report also includes recommendations.
  • Strategy for recruiting drivers – we exhibit at the annual Heathrow job & career fair to help support young people in their career decisions and make them aware of the diverse range of opportunities we offer.
  • Noise assessment – our delivery vehicles undergo an operating activities assessment which is carried out annually, and includes control measures to reduce noise pollution during driving, parking, loading or unloading relevant to the vehicle type, load and time of the day. This feedback with recommendations is then communicated to the driver.
  • Modal shift and alternative vehicles – we replaced our diesel transit vans with electric Nissan leafs and EV-200 vans which reduced our fuel consumption and CO2 output by 28.2% in 2017. In order to make continual fleet improvements we have just replaced our last two diesel powered Ford Connects with fully electric Nissan Leafs. We are also a member of the Heathrow Clean Vehicle Partnership, working closely with the Sustainability Team on a design and introduction of alternatively fuelled HGV vehicles to help Heathrow achieve their 2.0 strategy, contribute towards improving air quality and meet our commitment towards continues improvement.

Achieving and maintaining FORS Gold status is extremely important to Wilson James and all of us at the CLC. It demonstrates that simply complying with the minimum standard is not enough, and we want to deliver tangible improvements in everything that we do with FORS Gold paramount to this.  We will continue to review our policies and revise our procedures to ensure we improve the safety of our operation and reduce our impact upon the environment.  This is vital at Heathrow Airport, and we want to bring our stakeholders with us on this journey as we work together in setting exceptional standards and delivering real benefits.

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