JKP Transport Ltd – Going for Gold

JKP Transport Ltd – Going for Gold

JKP Transport Ltd has been in business for 14 years as a Limited company. The Company have always worked with Tarmac and currently have three 32000 kg Tipper Lorries and we are looking to buy a larger vehicle in 2019 which will be a 44,000 kg Articulated lorry with a walking floor. The company is based in Kent and has Five full-time employees. We are engaged in taking away plainings on behalf of Tarmac as well as hauling aggregates on behalf of them too during the daytime. The company have a 24-hour operation in place and operate exclusive for Tarmac which include working on contracts for Highways England, TfL and CVU.

We first heard about FORS through Tarmac. We looked at the benefits of joining the scheme and we saw that these were standards and ethos that we wished to adopt of improving the safety for both our vehicles and drivers

We take safety very seriously, so we achieved FORS Bronze accreditation and then went onto applying for our Silver Accreditation which we achieved in July 2016.

FORS has helped benefit by us being able to achieve better standards through their driver training programme, both classroom based and through e-Learning modules, along with FORS toolbox talks. This has led to all our drivers having a better understanding of road safety and raised their awareness of the needs of other vulnerable road users. This has reduced our accident rate by 100% over the past four years by raising the awareness of our drivers and increasing our vehicle safety equipment.

“FORS has helped us to achieve a high standard of road safety.” – Director Keith Parsons

All our vehicles are fitted with 360-degree cameras, side cameras, near side proximity sensors and audible left turn alarms, Class IV, V, V1 Mirrors, flashing beacons on the cab of all vehicles, cyclist safety stickers to both the rear and sides of our vehicles.

All our drivers have completed Safe Urban Driver courses and we have completed all the FORS E-Learning Modules by July 2018.

We have learnt that by equipping both our vehicles and drivers to the highest safety standards that our accident rate has reduced over the past four years and has saved both time and money in reduced claims to the company.

Two of our vehicles was recently replaced and are now Euro 6 spec and the remaining of our fleet will be changed to ensure that they all Euro 6 are by 2019, this will help to reduce our emissions output too.

Achieving Gold Accreditation will help us to continue to strive towards the highest road safety standards and that we are able to continue to maintain this safety record and protect the environment.

‘FORS has improved our Policies and Procedures and help improve our MPG, Accidents and PCN’s across the whole Fleet.’ – Director Keith Parsons

Once we had gained our Bronze accreditation we decided to go for the Silver Accreditation in 2016 as we were already doing everything required of us to gain Silver accreditation. Once we were at Silver we decided to show best practice and be able to stand out from our competitors.

We have improved our MPG across the whole fleet from 9.1 MPG to 9.5 MPG and kept our PCN’s and accidents down to zero in the past 3 years, while we also replaced 2 Lorry’s for the new Euro 6 engines in 2016 which help to improve are MPG.



Number of PCN’s

April 2016 – March 2017

9.1 MPG 0

April 2017- March 2019

9.5 MPG


Percentage improvement 4.3%


Annual improvement in MPG

All our drivers are required to fill in an in-depth medical declaration on an annual basis even though through the FORS Standards it is recommended every 5 years. It is mentioned in the driver’s handbook, which requires the drivers to report any change to the company and forms part of their contract of employment. Once the driver informs the company, this would lead to an investigation and if we felt the driver was unfit to drive, we would require medical evidence form the drivers Doctor informing us that they were fit to drive. The company would only allow the driver to driver once we had received the letter. The driver would then be subject to recommended reviews, until we were satisfied that they are fully fit to drive.

The future plans of the company are to ensure that our safety record continues to be the highest standard, through driver training and fitment of vehicle safety equipment.

All our future vehicles will be equipped to the highest safety standards, while paying attention to the environment. All our drivers will continue to be trained to the highest standards possible.

Achieving Gold will help the company to work towards these goals and help to improve the industry’s safety standards, whilst looking towards reducing our emissions through less polluting vehicles.