GGR Group Ltd (Oldham) – Going for Gold

GGR Group Ltd (Oldham) – Going for Gold

GGR Group Ltd is Europe’s leading supplier of vacuum handling equipment, compact  pick and carry cranes, UNIC mini spider cranes and restricted access lifting 

machinery for sale and hire, along with a variety of complementary products and  services. Our mini cranes and cutting-edge lifting equipment have proven invaluable  for vast range of industries including glazing, construction, utilities, defence, waterways rail infrastructure and more. GGR Group Ltd Oldham is located on  Broadway Business Park Chadderton and benefits from close links to the motorway &  road networks that enables us to provide an efficient and time effective service to our  customers throughout the United Kingdom.  

Kieron Harrison Transport & Logistics Manager for GGR Group Oldham reflects on the past  12 months, GGR have replaced older vehicles with new euro 6 vehicles, implemented several performances enhancing initiatives, had a reduction in CO2 emissions, lowered NOx  and Particulate emissions which has also helped increase fuel efficiency throughout the fleet.

GGR first came across FORS as a contractual condition in the construction sector. We realised it would benefit us by granting access to contracts and to enable growth in our transport solution to
support our customers in the requirements of the construction industry.

GGR Group Oldham had its first FORS Bronze audit in 2014 which was passed the first time  around. Gathering all the relevant information and completing the audit helped us to identify  and implement improvements and encourage us onto achieving Silver and then finally going  for the Gold accreditation in 2021.

After passing the Silver accreditation it was our aim to take all the knowledge that we had  gained along our journey from Bronze into Silver and apply it to obtaining our Gold
accreditation with FORS, by doing this we can not only pass on our experience and  understanding to others but also continuously improve on our own road safety, compliance,  and environmental understandings that are continuously evolving and changing for the
greater good within the industry.

The FORS has helped GGR massively in providing the training, tools and understanding  needed to push our company to the forefront in transport and logistics, whether it be the  knowledge we obtained from using the FORS Performance Management Toolkit or the information & experience our drivers have gained from completing all the FORS E-Learning  Modules that have been provided to us. I have also benefitted greatly from the scheme by  participating in and completing all the FORS practitioner workshop modules which has provided GGR with the building block to set its targets in reducing our carbon footprint,  improving our MPG and laying down the foundations for self-sustaining future for the fleet.

“Being able to advise our clients and prospective clients that we have been awarded the  FORS Gold Standard commercially on a number of fronts allows us to compete for contracts  were FORS accreditation is a mandatory requirement for site access and also shows all of  our customers that GGR Group are operating under and offering a service at the highest  level possible across the whole sector” – Michael Heneghan GGR Group Sales & Business  Development Director. 

“Since joining FORS, in hand with fitting all the latest technology to our vehicles such as  360degree CCTV systems our drivers and transport staff have become more safety  conscious subsequently reducing our accident rate and I feel if all companies with a transport element joined FORS it would make the roads a safe place to be’ – Seb Heinsohn  GGR Group Operations Manager. 

  MPG      CO2      NOx      PM10   
Jan 2019 – Dec 2019   12.57 182.57 502.8 7.96
Jan 2020 – Dec 2020   12.06 167.70 464.6 7.07
Percentage improvement   4.23% 8.87% 7.6% 11%

As you can see from the table above GGR Group Oldham have managed to achieve a  substantial improvement in its MPG, CO2, NOx & PM10. I believe that this is primarily  because we have implemented a number of FORS performances enhancing initiatives to  improve the company’s efficiency & statistics within the sector, this includes the removal of  two old 26t beaver tail wagons from the fleet & purchasing two brand new 26t Euro 6 engine  vehicles which has enabled us to gain a reduction in CO2 emissions, lowered NOx and  Particulate emissions but will also help increase fuel efficiency, reduce noise pollution &  maximise pedestrian safety as they are fitted the latest technology that includes 360
cameras, white noise indicators, electric ramps, audible turning & reversing signals which  now makes all of GGR’s fleet compliant with the current Direct Vision Standards.

Extensive planning and consolidating loads onto individual vehicles has been a key factor in  our progress in meeting our goals. By strategically planning routes and loading up the new  26t wagons with multi drop consignments has not only reduced the need to send out  additional vehicles into the same areas which will save on overall costs, but it has directly  contributed to reducing the companies carbon footprint which will have a positive impact on  the environment.

Making sure our professional driver’s health and wellbeing is in the best possible condition is  paramount to GGR so periodic checks have been implemented to monitor and ensure the  drivers are not only physically but also mentally fit to be on the road. Some of the checks  mentioned above include eyesight checks every 6 months and health declarations every 12 months. We also run driver health, fitness & wellbeing reviews with each driver to give them a chance to sit down and have a one to one with senior members of the transport &  operations staff to make sure that they are all happy and working to the best of their abilities.

Looking to the future GGR will continue to utilise all of the training and development resources that FORS have provide to us on our journey from humble beginnings but also continue to learn, develop and evolve from all of the new and exciting innovations that can help propel the company’s status into leading the way for Gold standard transport & logistics in the construction industry. 

GGR are always looking to positively promote FORS by displaying our current FORS within the reception area & training centre of GGR Oldham as well as being in the transport

& dispatch areas of the building. All of GGR FORS registered  vehicles currently display the FORS vehicle signage with our  member’s identification number which promotes to other road  users our awareness and commitment to promoting the FORS standards within the UK. Along with the support of GGR’s

media office, information relating to FORS, Road Safety and Transport is easily communicated via our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our  media office also publishes FORS information linked and located on the GGR Group website  highlighting the importance of FORS not only to the company but to all our customers & visitors.

Achieving the FORS Gold accreditation would be of great importance to the company as it  would highlight the fact that we are not only setting a precedence for the service that GGR  offer but also highlighting to all our customers and prospective clients that we are upholding

and providing a premium service achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety,  efficiency, and environmental protection in the transport & logistics sector within the construction industry. On a personal level for me, gaining the FORS Gold accreditation is the  knowledge & understanding into all aspects of the scheme that I have gained along the way  that has proven to be invaluable to me and is a steppingstone to my continual progression in  making a greener, safer and all-round better future for not only the company fleet but also the world we live in.

You can visit GGR Group Ltd on our social media pages found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.