FORS kicks off webinar series: ‘Q&A session with FORS Specialists’

  • First of six Q&A webinars attracts large and wide-ranging audience
  • 40 FORS and non-FORS Accredited Operators take part in free-to-attend forum of debate
  • Further webinars scheduled throughout 2023
  • “We’re delighted with the attendance level at our first Q&A webinar and the feedback has been hugely constructive,” Richard Brundrett, FORS

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has completed the first in a series of six webinars where both FORS and non-FORS Accredited Operators are invited to pose questions to FORS experts regarding any aspect of the scheme.

The webinars are being hosted by experienced members of the FORS team, with participants encouraged to contribute openly and honestly. Further free-to-attend FORS Q&A webinars are scheduled for April, May, June, July and September. The webinars have been created to support transport operators, hauliers and other professionals in their journey towards best practice.

The invitation to FORS Q&A webinars for non-FORS Accredited Operators has been particularly well received, allowing participants to engage with operators already benefitting from FORS accreditation. Of the 40 attendees at the first webinar, 18% were non-FORS operators, representing a diverse make-up of companies from across the transport spectrum.

The overwhelming majority of participants were grateful for the opportunity to have their queries aired in an open forum and to give feedback on their experience. From the post-event survey, the content and structure of the webinar were both rated an average of 4.3 out of five, with one attendee responding with, ‘I think these sessions are excellent for picking up little bits of information that we might miss in The Standard. Hearing it from experienced people within the process really helps.’

Leading the FORS team, Richard Brundrett, FORS quality assurance specialist, said, “Alongside our regular FORS Regional Briefings, the Q&A webinars provide us with another excellent opportunity to engage directly with operators. However, the Q&As are unique in that non-FORS Accredited Operators are invited, and this seems to have struck a chord. We’re delighted with the attendance level at our first Q&A webinar and the feedback has been hugely constructive, so I hope more operators can join us at the next one.”

Individuals interested in attending the next FORS Q&A webinar – whether FORS accredited operators or otherwise – are invited to click and register here: