FORS Accredited Operators to slash costs and save time with exclusive insurance product

FORS Accredited Operators to slash costs and save time with exclusive insurance product

Announcing that our Insurance Partner, SJL Insurance Services, will provide accredited operators with access to a new, bespoke insurance product to help them save time and money.

The bumper package includes a range of exclusive benefits for FORS Accredited Operators, who can now take advantage of SJL’s 20-plus years’ experience in the fleet market, full market access courtesy of its Lloyds of London Insurance Broker status, award-winning claims support, discounted premiums and other benefits to enhance their operations.

Offering flexible and comprehensive coverage, SJL’s bespoke product allows for enhanced cover across a range of sectors, such as hazardous goods, hazardous locations and third-party working risks. FORS Accredited Operators also stand to benefit from reduced excesses against the standard market rate, exclusive flexible driver age allowances, monetary contributions to continue risk management improvements and the ability to align with wider insurance programmes.

FORS Concession Director, Geraint Davies, said, “When creating this product with SJL, we surveyed our operators to ask what they valued the most in their insurance package. Discounted premiums, claims support and reduced excesses came out on top, so we listened and ensured these elements were included. I’m really proud that the package with SJL delivers what’s important to our community, as well as many other benefits.

As a previous operator, I know how imperative it is to have the right insurance package in place. SJL is a business that truly understands the needs of a modern fleet operation, and we’re delighted to have such a trusted specialist as our Insurance Affinity Partner.”

“Working in close collaboration with FORS, we are excited to offer our insurance expertise to the benefit of the scheme’s valued operators,” said CEO & Owner at SJL, Simon Lancaster. “Our joint initiative is geared towards rewarding FORS fleet and haulage operators, by creating a product that caters to their needs. Through a dedicated alignment of our offerings with the valuable insights garnered from operator surveys, we’ve created a product that is available exclusively for FORS operators, delivering a tailored solution that amplifies the overall achievement and enduring dedication of FORS operators.”

For more information on the new insurance offering, email [email protected]