Protecting drivers as key workers

Protecting drivers as key workers

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, tough restrictions have been imposed across the whole of the UK and Europe. Those who work in the transport sector and food and other necessary goods sector have been identified as key workers which means that their work is critical to the COVID-19 response. In the UK, never before has there been a greater reliance on our country’s supply chain and the important role of the driver.

Despite the fact that driver training isn’t being delivered as normal, we must ensure transport teams continue to have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to keep the country supplied in these unprecedented times and that managers are in a position to help protect their workforce.

Some things for you to consider:

  • Ensure your drivers are equipped to do their jobs safely
  • Keep in frequent contact with your drivers
  • Consider short communications and regular reminders
  • Make sure they know that if they’re experiencing any symptoms, they should not be at work
  • Make sure they are aware of the help available to them should they need it

Some tips to communicate to drivers on how they can protect themselves and others:

  • Safe distance – if you’re having face to face contact, stay at least two metres away
  • Clean hands – use soap and water regularly, especially if you’re handling deliveries. Take extra care at fuel pumps and wear gloves
  • Cab hygiene – keep your work space clean, with wipes or antibacterial spray. Clean all devices and areas at the start and end of shift
  • Stop the spread – sneeze or cough in a tissue and dispose of it sensibly
  • Safe deliveries – whatever you’re delivering keep customer contact to a minimum. Know what the company’s delivery plan and stick to it

Check the NHS website for more information.