JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd

JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd


JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd is one South Yorkshire’s fastest growing independent transport companies providing a range of haulage, distribution and logistics for a range of  industries and operating a fleet of over 60 vehicles, mainly comprising HGVs.

With a focus on public safety and the image they promote as a transport company, prior to using FleetCheck, their biggest concern was compliance.  Although they knew what needed to be done – from regular licence checks to maintaining driver CPC’s (Certificate of Professional Competence), vehicle servicing to MOTs, machinery inspections to driver training, keeping on top of it all was causing their company director sleepless nights.

How FleetCheck Helped 

JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd came to FleetCheck through recommendation.   The system  monitors and records every piece of information relating to their vehicles and drivers. This
enables them to easily check whether things have been done, and if not, what or who needs  chasing.  Having multiple spreadsheets has become a thing of the past allowing the transport team to keep on top of everything efficiently and with ease.  Information has been  centralised, safety improved and KPIs easily monitored and tracked.


In the words of Kristian Walton, director at JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd, “At the end of every day, I can go home knowing that we’re 100% compliant.  There’s now structure around  how we run our fleet, everything is forward planned so nothing is missed.

“Striving to improve standards is key to our business.  We’re committed to the FORS accreditation scheme and have achieved founder member status of the DVSA’s ‘Earned
Recognition’. With FleetCheck, it’s easy to plan and check that we’re doing everything required to meet the criteria of these schemes – from vulnerable road user training to vehicle  maintenance planning. It’s been invaluable to our business”