Land Sheriffs

Land Sheriffs


Land Sheriffs is a professional security task force providing protection and safety to clients, assets, infrastructure and staff. For obvious reasons, having a legal and compliant fleet is essential for a company in the security sector.

They currently run around 45 light commercial vehicles, all of which are operated from one site.


It was essential for Land Sheriffs to find a fleet management solution that could help monitor  their key dates including MOT’s, services and road tax renewals.

They were previously managing day to day fleet tasks via paper-based systems and spreadsheets, which meant there were hours of cross referencing for the fleet manager, Chris  Ricketts. Chris said, “Prior to joining FleetCheck, I was spending hours a week cross referencing to pin point key dates and to keep track of what had and hadn’t been done.  I was going back and forth through spreadsheets and paper documents just to source a singular date, which was time consuming.”

As the fleet manager, Chris needed a solution which would give him complete assurance that  the vehicles and drivers were compliant, and that the processes they were going to be
installing were legally acceptable and time saving.

Chris continued, “After looking more closely at FleetCheck, it was clear to see how user friendly the system was, and how much time I could save myself just by having a system as simple, but robust, as this one in place.”

How FleetCheck Helped 

Optilan Land Sheriffs implemented FleetCheck’s fleet management software at the same time as securing their telematics provider. The combination of the two working together has  resulted in many great benefits, most significantly:

  • Integrating the data from telematics into FleetCheck meant that vehicle mileages were automatically updated, resulting in no more manual mileage checks; a great benefit for Chris and his team.

As Chris said, “The main benefit for us when it came to integrating our telematics data into the FleetCheck system was the confidence we gained that all the mileage readings we received for each vehicle were accurate, which was a great relief for us. When we joined FleetCheck, we decided to stop using the online licence checking service we’d used previously (which used to take hours to display results and often missed endorsements) and  began using the automated service that FleetCheck offer, which displays accurate results almost immediately and feeds them into the system for a centralised view. This was a real advantage for us as we could be assured that our drivers were safe to be on the road; and with 2FA, etc. helps keep us GDPR compliant.”

Subscribing to the software has enabled Chris and the logistics team at Land Sheriffs to gain  immediate control of all vehicle and driver related activity, so all paper-based and

spreadsheet processes were eliminated / tasks were forward-planned, properly managed and  recorded in a centralised system for future reference.

A vast amount of management time has been saved using FleetCheck’s software.  As Chris
explains, “Without the software in place to manage and display our fleet related activity and  key dates, I would still be spending a large amount of time each week keeping our
spreadsheets updated and staying on top of copious paper documents. Having paper and
spreadsheets eliminated and the data centralised means I can run a wide selection of reports  on our fleet data, plus I can display it to management within minutes.”

Results and ROI 

Since moving to FleetCheck, Land Sheriffs are confident that their fleet is properly managed,  their processes are compliant, their costs are monitored, and their drivers are safe. Chris has  total control over daily activity, and thanks to FleetCheck’s intuitive system of alerts, he can forward-plan vehicle maintenance schedules efficiently to minimize administration time.

When asked to summarise his experience, he continued, “It’s a really great product, which I can’t fault in any way. Whenever I need support, there’s always someone knowledgeable on hand to help. I couldn’t be happier. It has become a key part of our FORS system and has
streamlined this process”

Chris concludes, “Having the system in place has been really useful but working along-side the FleetCheck Driver app has given us confidence that our vehicles are properly checked
and maintained, making them safe for our drivers.”