KH Engineering

KH Engineering


KH Engineering Services provide a comprehensive range of electrical engineering and mechanical services covering London, the South and East of England.

They currently operating a fleet of 34 vehicles, consisting of a range of vans and machinery,  all of which are operated from a single site and are currently managed by senior accounts
manager, Carol Wright.


KH Engineering have always been very conscious of the importance of having a legal and compliant fleet, not only for the protection of the company, but for the safety of their drivers while out on the road. Being FORS accredited means they have watertight processes when it comes to the management of their fleet, which is why it was essential to find a fleet management solution that could help with the monitoring and scheduling of all key dates, such as MOT’s, services and road tax renewals.

Previously, KH’s fleet was managed on spreadsheets and paper-based systems. This was heavily reliant on the human factor, creating room for error as well as being very time consuming.

Carol explains, “Before the FleetCheck software was used, everything was managed on paper or via spreadsheets making MOT and service dates quite difficult to keep on top of without spending a significant amount of time sorting through everything to pin point and  update key dates.”

As a senior accounts manager now in charge of a 34-vehicle fleet, Carol needed a solution which would give her complete assurance that the vehicles and drivers were legal and road- worthy.  At the same time the system needed to be user friendly, as managing a fleet wasn’t  something she had been familiar with in the past.

Carol said: “From being in a background of accounts, it was really important that the fleet management side of things was made as easy as possible. There is a lot of administration to  be done with a fleet of our size which is why it was so important to have something in place  that was going to save time and be user friendly.” 

How FleetCheck Helped 

KH Engineering Services implemented FleetCheck’s fleet management software in the November  of 2017 at the same time as securing their telematics provider. Their original drive for FleetCheck  was to find a system that could link up with and display their tracking data.

The combination of the two working together has resulted in many great benefits, most significantly:

Integrating the data from their telematics provider into FleetCheck means they have visibility  of accurate, auto-updated mileage readings, eliminating manual mileage checking which was  a significant time saver for Carol and all the engineers at KH Engineering Services.

Use of the FleetCheck software has enabled Carol to gain complete control of all vehicle and  driver related activity, saving an enormous amount of time, which she can now spend on the  accounting side of her role.

With all spreadsheets and paper-based processes abolished, tasks can now be forward – planned, properly managed and accurately recorded in a central system for future reference.

Just weeks after KH Engineering went live with FleetCheck, they began using the FleetCheck Driver app. With the app in place, safety checks are monitored and reported on giving them complete clarity of the safety of their vehicles. Carol explains, “Having the app in place has meant that all our drivers can complete their daily safety checks with ease. The support section imbedded in the app is a fantastic tool for our drivers as a lot of them work nights, so having a section in the app where they can access all the numbers they need (i.e. breakdown recovery) means they’re not having to rely on someone in the office being available for advice on what to do in the early hours of the morning.”


Since moving to FleetCheck, KH Engineering confidently say that their fleet is well managed,

their processes and costs are closely monitored, and their drivers are safe and legal. Carol has
total control over all daily fleet related activity, and thanks to FleetCheck’s convenient system of  alerts, she can forward-plan all vehicle maintenance efficiently.  This minimizes a significant
amount of administration time and removes the stress of getting services and MOT’s completed  by the required date.

When asked to summarise her experience, Carol concluded, “FleetCheck is just so easy to use
and whenever I do have something I need help with, they’re always so helpful making my day to  day fleet management tasks very manageable.”