Construction Hire Solutions

Construction Hire Solutions


Construction Hire Solutions is a hire company operating across the UK that specialises in the  railway and general construction sectors.  Construction Hire Solutions depend on their fleet  to keep business moving. They currently run a mix of 55 hired and business owned, light commercial vehicles.


Construction Hire has always known how important it is to keep on top of the fleet, particularly as a company that depends so heavily on their vehicles. They were managing
day to day fleet tasks via paper-based systems and much of the responsibility for booking services and other key events.

Fleet manager, Nancy Baker, wanted complete assurance that they were legally compliant, and that the processes she had planned to put in place were going to be at better than adequate for the company’s accreditations.

They were looking for a system that could store all the necessary documents, dates and details with the ability to link up with their newly obtained tracking provider, along with easy  to use functionality.

Nancy Baker said, “Ultimately, anything that needs my attention is stored in FleetCheck  making it a one stop shop for us.”

How FleetCheck Helped

Construction Hire Solutions implemented FleetCheck’s fleet management software in the July  of 2013 alongside sourcing their telematics provider.

The combination of the two has results in a great many benefits, most significantly:

  • Integrating the data from telematics into FleetCheck means that vehicle mileages are auto-updated, meaning no more manual mileage checks; a great instant benefit for
    Nancy as the only individual managing the fleet within the company.
  • Use of the software has enabled Nancy to very quickly gain complete control of all vehicle and driver related activity, so all paper-based processed have been eliminated and tasks are now forward-planned, properly managed and recorded for future reference.

As Nancy comments, “The set-up process was really quite straight forward and anything that  I struggled with was dealt with very efficiently by FleetCheck’s support team making the
whole movement from paper to software stress free.”

An enormous amount of administration time has been saved by using FleetCheck’s software.  Nancy explains, “Without the system to handle our fleet administration and compliance, we  wouldn’t have been able to expand our fleet as rapidly as we have done. It’s likely that we would have needed to recruit more staff to keep on top of the various checks, tasks and reports that are required for our FORS accreditation.”

Results and ROI 

Since moving to FleetCheck, Construction Hire Solutions have doubled their fleet size, but they have complete confidence that their fleet is properly managed, their processes are legally compliant, their costs are monitored, and their drivers are safe and legal. 

Thanks to FleetCheck’s intuitive system of alerts, Nancy has complete clarity of how much time she has before certain tasks such as MOT’s need to be completed, meaning she no longer worries about key dates falling overdue.

When asked to summarise her experience, she said, “Our main drive for a fleet management  system was our FORS accreditation. Having an audit of all the required fleet related documentation for our vehicle maintenance and having the ability to easily keep track of our  drivers’ health/ eye sight checks has meant that we’re confident that we are compliant to the  FORS requirements.”

Nancy concludes, “I am always expanding the number of features I use on FleetCheck, the  more I use it, the more I find is possible and the easier it becomes.”