P and D Specialist Services Ltd

P and D Specialist Services Ltd


Optilan P and D Specialist Services Ltd is a specialist electrical and civil engineering contractor offering technology-focused expertise to clients in the highways, rail, tunnel and  power distribution sectors.

It currently runs seven cars, six light commercials, five mobile elevated work platforms, six HGV’s, 19 vans and a group of 4X4s, all of which are managed and maintained by human resources manager, Nicola Hallam and transport manager, John Smith.


P and D has always known the importace of keeping on top of the fleet, particularly as a company that is FORS Silver accreditation. Before implementing FleetCheck, the day to day  fleet activity was managed on paper and spreadsheets meaning keys dates were often a challenge to keep on top of.

Nicola and Jonathan wanted the ability to streamline the data, both in an electronic format  and in a central location so that it could be easily accessed on a daily basis. It was also important the system could store the necessary documents like invoices or even driver licence related documents.”

How FleetCheck Helped

P and D Specialist Services Ltd implemented FleetCheck’s fleet management software alongside the FleetCheck Driver app.

The combination of the two has resulted in significant benefits.  The integrated data from the   app into the main FleetCheck system means that paper-based checks are eliminated, saving
valuable time and resources.

Nicola explains, “Having the app in place has given drivers the opportunity to report defects and not have to worry about keeping paper copies in their vehicles”

Use of the software has allowed Nicola and John to very quickly gain complete control of all vehicle and driver related activity, so all paper-based processes have been eliminated and tasks are now forward-planned, logged for future reference and appropriately managed.

An enormous amount of administration time has been saved by using FleetCheck’s software.

Results and ROI

Since moving to FleetCheck, P and D Specialist Services now have complete confidence that their fleet is suitably managed, their processes are compliant, their costs are closely observed, and their drivers are safe and legal, all with significant time savings.

Thanks to FleetCheck’s intuitive system of alerts, both Nicola and Jonathan have complete transparency of how much time they have before upcoming key dates need to be booked in, meaning they no longer need to worry about key dates coming close to their due date before having a chance to book them in to a garage.

When asked to summarise her experience, Nicola said, “For us it works really well and has made managing the fleet much easier.

“We are FORS Silver Accredited so FleetCheck really helps with staying compliant and produ- cing the necessary evidence for audit.”