On-site and remote audits

FORS Bronze remote audits are available to book alongside Bronze on-site audits.

What is a remote Bronze audit?

A remote audit is an audit that is conducted online via a video call between a fleet operator and a FORS auditor. It is held on the date agreed between the operator and the FORS Audit Provider. The auditor will need to see evidence that the fleet operation meets all the requirements of the FORS Standard. If the auditor requires additional evidence to support the audit, they will verbally request at the time of the audit for this information to be uploaded to the Bronze evidencing portal.

Fleet operators will need to have a laptop/computer with a working camera and microphone and will be asked to provide their evidence either by sharing screen or by presenting the relevant evidence to the camera during the audit video call.

Once a remote audit has been booked, the audit provider will send a video call link for the remote audit. Operators must make sure that they can access the relevant video conferencing platform and download the required software if necessary (if not already downloaded).

What do operators need in place before the audit video call takes place?

Operators will require a computer or laptop that includes:

  • A working webcam
  • A working microphone
  • Working speakers or headphones
  • Stable internet connection
  • Microsoft Teams app or Zoom (if not already installed)*
  • Continuous power supply to video conferencing device

*Audit provider will inform operators on which platform they are using

What will happen on the day of the remote audit?

On the day of the audit, the auditor is required to see evidence of the systems and policies the operator has in place to manage each of the requirements set out in the FORS Standard, albeit remotely through sharing screen or by presenting the relevant evidence to the camera during the audit video call.

Supporting evidence

The majority of the evidence for the remote audit will be presented to the audit provider through sharing screen or by presenting the relevant evidence to the camera during the audit.

If the audit provider requires additional evidence to support the audit they can verbally request at the time of the audit for this information to be uploaded to the Bronze evidencing portal.

All additional evidence shall be uploaded to the portal and shall not be emailed directly to the Audit Provider/auditor.

Details of how to upload the supporting evidence to the portal can be found in the video guide here, as well as being shared during the remote audit.

Auditee guide

An auditee guide has been created to list out each requirement and the evidence that is required to be provided. Details on how to submit additional evidence to the Bronze evidencing portal is documented within this guide.

A helpful webinar guides fleet operators through the remote audit process including booking, preparing, undertaking and uploading evidence to the Bronze evidencing portal.

Support tools

To support operators with remote audits during this period, FORS Fleet Tools are available free of charge.

FORS Fleet Tools

FORS Fleet Tools are designed to help you collate and manage fleet data. To access the toolkits, operators will need a free account via the FORS page.

Unsure of what’s best for your needs?

Members can call 01666 575900 today to chat with one of FleetCheck’s highly trained team members who can help you find the best solution for your fleet challenges.

Members can arrange a demonstration of both systems from FleetCheck by using the calendar located on this page.
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FORS Fleet Management System

FORS FMS delivers the tools members need to obtain and maintain their FORS accreditation. Its intuitive design suits fleets of all sizes, providing a robust audit trail and total peace of mind.

The FORS Driver Handbook

The FORS Driver Handbook provides a full library of policies, procedures and risk assessments. It also meets the specific requirements M5 and S8 and over 30 communication requirements across the FORS Standard.

The FORS Driving Licence Checking Service

FORS Driver Licence Checking Service is designed to help you meet requirement D1 (Licensing and qualifications) of the FORS Standard.

FORS Tacho Service

FORS Tacho Service is a simple, easy to use cloud based tachograph analysis package which can be securely accessed anytime, anywhere. The modern and intuitive software has been built with the end user in mind and designed to help streamline driver and vehicle data reporting, provided by FORS Affinity Partner, TDi (Transport Data Interchange Limited).

FORS Fuel Card Services

FORS Fuel Card Services has been created with one of the UK’s leading providers to support the FORS community in reducing fuel costs. These fuel cards are completely free to purchase for FORS accredited operators, saving our community £12 annually per card.

SJL Insurance Services

Managing multiple vehicles takes time and the inevitability of claims can cause additional overheads. SJL Insurance hold access to specialist insurance markets and the dedicated account managers will help you find solutions to your insurance needs.

FORS Vehicle Graphics Service (FORS VGS)

FORS Vehicle Graphics Service (FORS VGS) provides high quality FORS ID graphics and warning signage graphics for your vehicles, all at a discounted rate for the FORS community. If you are operating a vehicle of over 3.5 tonnes gross weight, the FORS Standard ‘V7 – Vulnerable Road user safety’ requires you to display blind spot warning signage.

FORS Health and Fitness

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or a sporting injury, looking for some help with your diet, on the hunt for some new fitness clothing or you just want to improve your overall health and fitness, YourFitnessClub has a variety of products to help you achieve your goals or support you with your next challenge.

FORS Legal

‘BACKup’ is a 24/7 monthly legal services subscription which deals with the two main pain-points of a transport business – the management of people (employment matters) together with road regulatory issues (O-Licence compliance, undertakings, DVSA intervention).

My FORS Transport Planner

My FORS Transport Planner, is a revolutionary, pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

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