Fleet Check Case Studies

KH Engineering

Introduction  KH Engineering Services provide a comprehensive range of electrical engineering and mechanical services covering London, the South and East of England. They currently operating a fleet of 34 vehicles, consisting of a range of vans and machinery,  all of which are operated from a single site and are currently managed by senior accounts manager, Carol … Read more

Land Sheriffs

Introduction  Land Sheriffs is a professional security task force providing protection and safety to clients, assets, infrastructure and staff. For obvious reasons, having a legal and compliant fleet is essential for a company in the security sector. They currently run around 45 light commercial vehicles, all of which are operated from one site. Challenges  It was essential for … Read more

JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd

Introduction  JP Walton and Son Transport Ltd is one South Yorkshire’s fastest growing independent transport companies providing a range of haulage, distribution and logistics for a range of  industries and operating a fleet of over 60 vehicles, mainly comprising HGVs. With a focus on public safety and the image they promote as a transport company, prior to … Read more