Case Studies

How are our accredited companies doing?

A cornerstone of FORS is to promote safety and efficiency through the implementation and sharing of best practice.

Use the case studies to find out how other FORS accredited companies have benefited from the scheme and how they have implemented best practice in their organisations.

All case studies are listed here and are provided in an alphabetical list below.

FORS is always on the lookout for new case studies, which help raise the profile of the programme and the operator being covered. To submit a case study for publication, please contact FORS helpline: 08448 09 09 44, or email address:


Alphabetical Case Study List

4-RAIL Services Ltd – Continuing at Gold
A W Brooks Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
A&M Tippers Ltd-Maintaining Gold
Active Plant Hire Ltd – Going for Gold
Adib Services Ltd- Going For Gold
Advanté Ltd – Going for Gold
AFI Uplift – The Only Way is GOLD!
Aggregate Haulage – Going For Gold!
Alco – Going for Gold
Allen Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Allied Infrastructure – Going for Gold
Alphatrans Humber Ltd – A Golden Culture
Amalga – Airside Logistics
Ambar Kelly Ltd – Going for Gold
Andrew R Child – Going for Gold
Andrews Excavations – Amazing Journey
AQ Logistics Ltd – Going for Gold
Aquaflow Drainage Services – Gold Reapproval
Ardent Hire Solutions Ltd – Why Gold?
Ashvale Haulage Ltd. Onwards & Upwards
Aujla Bros Haulage Ltd – Maintaining Gold Accreditation
Axle Haulage Ltd – The Ongoing Journey
Aztek Logistics Ltd – Going for Gold
Aztek Logistics Ltd – Keeping Gold
B Keville Haulage Ltd Maintaining Gold
B&M McHugh Ltd. Going for Gold
Balfour Beatty Track Partnership – Year 3 Gold membership
Barrie Seviour Transport Ltd- Reaching for Gold
Basra Trucking Ltd– Maintaining gold
Bates Transport Ltd – Going for Gold
Batley Haulage – The Road to Gold
Baxle Ltd – Going for Gold
Becker Transport – Improving Safety & The Environment With The FORS Gold Accreditation
Belle Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Biomarsh Envirnomental Ltd – Going for Gold
Blackrockk Ltd – Going for Gold!
Block Aid Ltd – Forging forward with Gold 2017-2018
blu-3 (UK) Limited – Be Better
Brett Concrete
Brian Doogue Haulage – Year 4 Gold – cleaner and greener
BS Bains Haulage Contractor – Road to Gold
BS Haulage Contractors Ltd – Improving Safety with the FORS Gold accreditation
Burg Freight Ltd – Going for Gold
Byrne Bros Formwork Ltd – FORS GOLD one year on
Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd – Maintaining Gold
C Hollands Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Callagh Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Callum Ewen Transport – Going for Gold
Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd – Keeping a Hold on Gold
Carter Accommodation Ltd – Going for Gold
CEMEX UK Ltd – Better never stops
CEVA Logistics – FORS Gold and the Future
CG Haulage Ltd – Maintaining Gold
City of London Corporation
Clasic Labour Services Ltd – Going for Gold!
Coldman Haulage – Maintaining Gold
Conquip Engineering Group – Going for Gold
Conquip Engineering Group – Going for Gold
Corbyn Construction Ltd – Gold going forward
County Supplies Ltd – Going for Gold
Coyle Haulage – Cleaner and greener
Cris Services UK Ltd
D & B Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
D A Spink Haulage Ltd
D Smith Express Ltd – Going for Gold
D T Powell – Maintaining Gold
D&G Noble Maintaining the Gold Standard
Dafcon Haulage Ltd – Maintaining Gold
Damac Transporters Limited – Journey to Gold
Dancon Services Ltd – Gold Year One
Dave Townsend Transport– Maintaining Gold
David Mouland Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
David Watson Transport – entering our 4th year as Gold operators
Day Aggregates – Protecting VRU
Dhindsa Haulage – Going for Gold!
DHL Supply Chain – British Gypsum
Didar Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!
Dowse Haulage – A Safer Future
DSP Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Earthline Ltd – Leading the way
Economic Skips Ltd – looking forward to a fourth year at Gold
Elavation Ltd – Going for Gold
ELB PARTNERS LTD Case study 2017
EPD Tipper Hire – Continuing Commitment & Staying Gold
Erith Haulage – Gold Standards
Essex Grab Hire Ltd – Going for Gold
Euromix Concrete – FORS our Journey so far…Follow the yellow brick road
Evenheights – Lifting the Standards Even Higher
Explore Transport Ltd – FORS Accreditation Progress (Update 2017)
F R Shadbolt and Sons Ltd
Fermac – In pursuit of excellence
Fire Protection Ltd – Improving our Logistics Operations with FORS Gold Accreditation
Firwood Timber & Plywood – Going for Gold
Flannery Plant & Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
FM Conway Ltd – Continual Improvement with FORS
Freightmaster – Maintaining Gold
G & P Transport – Going for Gold!
G.F Gordon (Plant Hire) LTD Safer Vehicles through FORS December 2017
G&J Transport (UK) Ltd – Going for Gold
Garic Ltd – Gold, doing the right thing!
Gatwick Group – Case Study
GGR Group (Long Crendon) – Driving Forward
GJ Bowmer Waste Ltd – A Golden Opportunity
Glengall Ltd (P&S Transport) – Going for Gold!
Glynns Skips Year 4 Gold – Safety and Efficiency
Going for Gold – Our Journey
Golden Star Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!
Graham Kelly- Maintaining Gold
Grewal Haulage Ltd – Going For Gold
Ground Construction Ltd – Going for Gold
Ground Skips Ltd – Going for Gold
H & H Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
H Askey Transport – Maintaining Gold
H Dunne & Sons (Haulage) Ltd – Driving Standards
H.Sivyer (Transport) Ltd – Going for Gold
H&A Bal Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
H&S Thomas Transport Ltd – One Year of Gold
HALL FUELS – Integration
Hallett Silbermann Ltd – Going for Gold
Hanson UK – Maintaining Gold
Heathrow Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Herts Traffic Management: The Road to Improvement is to Actively embrace change, the Road to Gold is to promote change
Heverin Haulage – Stepping up with FORS Gold Year 4
Hotchkiss Ltd – Delivering continuous improvement
Hughes Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Hutchinson Engineering Services Ltd FORS Inspires Safety Campaign
Hy-Ten Ltd – Go for Gold
Immediate Transportation – Our progression to Gold Standard
Improving Safety with the FORS Gold accreditation
Iron Mountain
J & M Haulage Ltd
J A Mackenzie Limited – Lifting Standards
J and S Wilkinson Services Ltd – Going for Gold
J Coffey Plant – Safety through FORS
J Dhillon Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!!
J G Campbell – Maintaining Gold
J Murphy and Sons – Moving Forward with Gold
J Peters Plant Hire Ltd – Going for Gold
J Reddington Ltd – Plan safe-Work safe at Gold standard
J S Sandhu Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!
J. O’Doherty Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Jaggards Transport – Gold Re-approval
Jaswant Sekhon Haulage – Going for Gold!
JB Transport Distribution Ltd – Going For Gold!
JCP International Ltd-Positive Outlook
JK Tipper Services Ltd – Going for Gold!
JKP Transport Ltd – Going for Gold
John Bourne & Co – Reducing Emissions
John Jempson & Son Ltd
John Lewis
John Raymond Transport Limited – Our FORS Journey
JRL GROUP Ltd – Plan safe-Work safe at Gold standard- Maintaining Gold
JS Gill Ltd – Staying Gold
JS Haulage – Going for Gold
JS Lowrie Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
JSR Haulage LTD – Improving Safety with the FORS Gold
K S Gill Haulage – Going for Gold!
Kayco Transport Ltd-The Road to Gold
Kayleigh Plant Hire Ltd – Continuous Improvement with FORS Gold
KCM Haulage – Year 2 Gold
KCS Haulage -Moving towards Gold
Keltbray – The journey
Kentsley Transport – Going for Gold
Khalsa Transport Ltd – Maintaining Gold
Kilnbridge Construction Services Ltd Driving Change in driver behaviour
Kingman Services – Maintaining our high standards and still moving forward with FORS
KLH Haulage – Going for Gold!
Knight Build Ltd – Fleet of Gold 2018
KP Tippers Ltd – Going for Gold!
Lignacite Ltd – Going for Gold
Lignacite Ltd (Brandon) – Going for Gold
London Borough of Brent
London Goods Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!
London Trucking Ltd – Going for Gold!
Lowery Ltd – 150th FORS Gold Operator
LTS Haulage – Fuelling the way
Lucian Services Ltd
M Long Haulage & Daughters Ltd
M P Moran & sons Ltd – Communication is the key to a Golden Year 3
M.A. Ponsonby Ltd – Maintaining the High Standards of Gold in 2019
M&S Hire Ltd – FORS case study
Majhail Transport – Going for Gold!
Maltaward Barriers Ltd – A Golden Company
Manor Environmental Ltd – Year two!
Mark Luck Ltd – Going for Gold
Mark Smithson Transport – The Long Haul to Gold
Martin Gibbons – Going for the Gold
McFen Plant Limited – Moving Forward
Mick George Ltd
Middlebrook Transport – Going for Gold
Miers Construction Products Ltd Going for Gold
Mike Newman Haulage Ltd Going for Gold
Milebay Consultancy Ltd – Going for Gold
Mitchellson Plant Hire Ltd – Going for Gold
Mix It Concrete – Keeping Up
MJ & VA BEDFORD – Going for Gold
Mobile Mini UK Ltd – Truck Evolution
Mobile Mini UK Ltd. – Safety, Health, Environment & Quality.
Moriarty Haulage Ltd – Low Entry, Low Noise
Morrisroe – Maintaining FORS Gold
Mr D T Powell – Gold Case Study
Muckit Contractors Ltd Going for Gold
Mulalley & Co Ltd – Sustaining Gold
Mulalley & Co Ltd – Sustaining Gold
Murrill Construction Ltd – Gold Case
MUZTRANS – Our Fleet of Gold
My Seven Ltd – Going for Gold!
Neil Yates Recovery Ltd – Going for Gold
New Era Fuels Ltd – Going for Gold
New Image Stone – Going for Gold
O’Malley Haulage – Stepping Up for Gold
ODG Plant Hire Ltd – Going for Gold
Oliver Connell & Son LTD- Gold Year 2
Orlight Ltd – Going for Gold
P F Cusack Ltd Going for Gold
P J Brown (Construction) Ltd – Maintaining the Gold Standard
P. Flannery Plant Hire (Oval) LTD – 45 Years of Excellence in Providing Plant Hire
P.P. O’Connor – The Golden Road
Pallet Track Logistics – Moving On
Paramount Haulage Ltd – Retaining Gold
Patrick Tuohy-The Road to Gold
Paul Smart Transport Ltd – Maintaining Gold
PB Donoghue Group Operating with FORS Gold
Peter Small Transport Services Ltd
Phil West Transport – Going for Gold
Philip Goodwin Ltd – Going for Gold
PJ Carey Plant Hire (Oval) Ltd – Year 5 as a Gold accredited company
Powerday Plc – FORS Gold
Premier Carriers Ltd – Maintaining the FORS Standard
Primagrange Ltd – Year 3 at Gold
PSJ Haulage Ltd – Stepping up
Punchards Haulage Ltd – Maintaining Gold
Quattro (UK) Ltd – Going for Gold Year 3
R & S Transport Services Ltd – Going For Gold!
R Collard Ltd
R G Willing Transport Service Ltd – Going for Gold
R J Eames Transport Ltd- Going for Gold
R.M.S (Recycled Material Supplies) Ltd – Going for Gold
R.Swain & Sons – Reducing Accidents through Training & Technology
R&P Distribution Ltd – Going for Gold!
Rai Haulage – Improving Safety with the FORS Gold accreditation
RC Haulage Services Ltd – Going for Gold!
Regional Waste Recycling – Maintaining Gold
Richard Lester Transport Ltd – Going for Gold
RKB Haulage Ltd- Continuing to meet the Gold Challenge
RKG Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Robbie Wilson Ltd – Going for Gold
S BROOKES – Maintaining Gold!
S J Godley Transport Ltd – Going for Gold
S Scott Transport – Maintaining Gold
S Walsh & Sons Limited Maintaining Gold
S. Porretta & Sons Ltd – Going for Gold
SA Smith – Going for Gold
Sahota Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Sami Haulage Ltd-Road to Gold
SC Fabrications (Norwich) Ltd – Going For GOLD!
SDJ Transport Ltd – Going for Gold!
Secured Express Limited – Road Traffic Safety
Seth Punchard Storage & Distribution – Being a FORS Gold operator
SFB Transport Road To Gold
Shepherd Distribution Services – ‘Three golden years’
Sidhu Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold!
Simon Ellis Specialised Distribution Ltd – Continuing Progression
Simon Haulage Ltd – Going for Gold
Simpson Environmental Services: The Road to Gold
Sohal Haulage – Going for Gold
South East Heavy Haulage – Gold year 2
Speedy Hire – The journey to WFA
Spence Transport Ltd – The journey so far
SRC Aggregates – Maintaining Gold
Stackia Ltd – Going for Gold!
STC Haulage – Going for gold
Steward Transport Ltd– The FORS Story so far
Stone & Ceramic – GOLD & What it does for us!
STS Haulage – Going for Gold!
Swift Scaffolding Limited Gaining Gold
Tad Haulage Ltd – Our Journey
Tarmac A&A South – Our FORS Journey
Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd – The Future is Golden
Taylor Construction Plant Ltd
TDR Transport Services Ltd – Improving the Image of Specialised Transport
TG Ram Ltd – striking the Gold Standard for a second year
TG Transport Ltd – Going for Gold
Thames Materials Ltd – Our FORS Journey
Thomas Haulage Ltd – Our Journey
Thompsons of Crews Hill Ltd – Looking to the Future
TJ Hammond Transport Ltd – Keeping up with the Gold Standard
TL Smith Mixers Ltd-Road to Gold
TMA Haulage Ltd – case study
TMJ Interiors – Four years on
Tony Bryant Haulage – Going for Gold
Toureen Group
Travis Perkins – Addressing driver distractions
Tube Lines – Promoting Gold
UK Lift and Haul Ltd – Going for Gold
Veolia – Safety Case Study
Veolia – The Road to Gold
VJ Technology UK – How FORS helps us
VP PLC Going for Gold
Warton Freight Services Ltd – GOLD the Continuing Journey
Webster Miller Ltd – Step by Step to GOLD
Westminster Waste Ltd – Going for Gold
Weybridge Skip Hire
Whites Transport Ltd – Gold Case
Whites Transport Ltd – FORS Gold Haulier
Willow Transport Solutions Ltd – Going for Gold
Wilson James – London Construction Consolidation Centre
Wooldridge Group – Gold Case Study
Yesehak Haulage Ltd– Road to Gold